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I acknowledge that I am warped into social media, and I understand the power it has to reach many people, - but for what? I, (yes, me) have the habit of scrolling, but not posting. Maybe someone feels mutual about the power we possess but don't follow through with- that's just me.

Everything is concentrated and disorganized with words and pictures and videos and people's writings and their moods and fears and sense of humor- all information...and, I truly believe, it is chaos.

But, I pin it into my agenda (the scroll), and I do nothing with it.

Luckily, it came to me - I am inconsistent with my social media due to an internal conflict - I don't want to share or I'll over share; to be seen or to be hidden - and what's the healthy balance of both? Sometimes I'm in the mood, sometimes I'm not. How much of it all really matters? So maybe instead, I go back to something that feels safe - a blog where if someone looks for it, they'll find it. I can post on social media, but my depth can be found here. I don't feel as flashy on here- I feel safe on the website I created myself that I haven't used properly - and to that, I have learned my lesson, but finally found the energetic purpose to my creation. Or perhaps, I just needed time to get to this

My blog posts may come and go, just like the Instagram posts that take forever to put together.

As for now; short & simple. This could have been an Instagram post ; proud I chose this outlet..😌😉

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