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I acknowledge that I am warped into social media, and I understand the power it has to reach many people, - but for what? I, (yes, me) have the habit of scrolling, but not posting. Maybe someone feels mutual about the power we possess but don't follow through with- that's just me.

Everything is concentrated and disorganized with words and pictures and videos and people's writings and their moods and fears and sense of humor- all information...and, I truly believe, it is chaos.

But, I pin it into my agenda (the scroll), and I do nothing with it.

Luckily, it came to me - I am inconsistent with my social media due to an internal conflict - I don't want to share or I'll over share; to be seen or to be hidden - and what's the healthy balance of both? Sometimes I'm in the mood, sometimes I'm not. How much of it all really matters? So maybe instead, I go back to something that feels safe - a blog where if someone looks for it, they'll find it. I can post on social media, but my depth can be found here. I don't feel as flashy on here- I feel safe on the website I created myself that I haven't used properly - and to that, I have learned my lesson, but finally found the energetic purpose to my creation. Or perhaps, I just needed time to get to this

My blog posts may come and go, just like the Instagram posts that take forever to put together.

As for now; short & simple. This could have been an Instagram post ; proud I chose this outlet..😌😉

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Ken Amelio
Ken Amelio
30 de nov. de 2023

Yeah, data shows that passive scrolling on social media is negative for ones mental health. Social media can be a way to connect and communicate, and allow us power. But the passive scroll makes us feel isolated, less than, and powerless. It is super critical to be aware and intentional in our lives, and social media definitely included. Don't beat yourself up for who and what you are not, but celebrate your efforts to grow into the person you want to be. And if a blog is a better tool for that becoming, so be it!

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