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Adaptation Epiphany

11/02 Another EPIPHANY-Fic Awakening

A little scattered, but this is the reassurance I had to give myself.

I had my first cold of the season (not Covid) this past weekend and it taught me something important:

It is time to adapt, once again, as much as you don’t want to… adapt to the inconsistency of nature.

Meaning, adapt to new temperatures and winds, the cool breeze is coming through;

Adapt to wearing more layers and keeping your feet suffocated and throat scarfed;

Adapt to the new scenic colors and ROY food plates;

Adapt to the sun greeting us earlier but leaving fast because of its curfew; Adapt to staying cozy at home and not staying out until 4am;

Adapt to the stars greeting us for a little longer and a LOT brighter because the city lights aren’t polluting our view from afar; Adapt to physically shrugging your shoulders together and feeling a relief when you get home and to a heated environment.


But truthfully, this is why I practice Yoga. So I can adapt to the ebb and flow of the poses.. and seasons. So that in weather that causes me to snuggle my own body into one, I am aware there’s an opposite pose. Don't let yourself remain closed off, your body will find comfort in the stiffness and guarding of your heart, making it that much harder to re-open come Spring. Instead, open your arms out wide expand the ribs, breathe into the changes. . Adapt to vulnerability throughout all seasonal changes. Your reactions should align with presence rather than the desire for the past or future to reassure you. Your practice, has already taught you all you need to know. Let it be, it's temporary.

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